Monday, July 21, 2008

Your 6 Favorite Spices???

I love reading your comments! Thank you, my blog friends! Nola really got me thinking with her comment to my previous post "Spice Girl!" ( ) . In all the time I've had those vintage spice sets, I never noticed what most of us now would consider an odd choice of spices. Guess those were the spices they used a lot back in the day! What are your 6 favorites that you would include in a spice set today? Right now, mine would be 1) Ground White Pepper (I started using it a few months ago, mostly in vegetables or on baked potatoes, just for something different), 2) Cinnamon (My favorite spice of all time! I'm very addicted to Cinnamon---I eat it in my morning oatmeal, in cold cereal, put it in pastries, add a little in chocolate cake batter, in hot chocolate--in the winter, in cookies......), 3) Ground (Cayenne) Red Pepper (love it in chili, stews, ground beef dishes), 4) McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken (I know, that's a combination of spices! Can't help it---I love it! I use it all the time on chicken breasts in my Foreman grill. I recommend the version with 25% less sodium), 5) Garlic Powder (if not using fresh garlic, then I at least add some to almost everything, except sweets, and 6) Lemon Pepper (I use it all the time in the summer on sliced tomatoes!). What are your favs?


Nola said...

Well, I listed my favs on the previous post, but since I ALWAYS have something to comment on, let me tell you some of my other favs. Since I got on Weight Watchers, I try lots of different combinations to add flavor instead of fat. Here are some of the "keepers":
Jamaican Jerk seasoning - goes well on all meats.
Wasabi powder - hot, combo of horseradish and mustard, adds heat to any sauce or dressing.
Also, not exactly spices, but Knorr (they make the great dry soup mix) has Chipotle mini cubes and Garlic mini cubes. They are little bouillon type cubes of seasonings, and while they do contain a little salt and sugar, they pack a punch, and add a lot of flavor.
I also use a lot of lemon and lime freshly squeezed onto foods for some calorie free zip!
Check out my blog, I am going to post an entry on flavoring my drinks! My home address is:

Alex said...

Thank you for stopping by my site yesterday and wishing me well. It means alot during this scary time of my life. PLEASE stop by my blog today for a special award I gave you.

Eve said...

I would have dry mustard for my bbq sauce..have to have that.

Cumin and chili powder for Chili

Allspice..for sweet things

Red pepper to kick it up a notch.

Whole black pepper

I use a lot more fresh herbs than I do spices because I grow them on my back porch. It is fun to go out and snip off chives for a baked potato or some basil to put on fresh sliced tomato.

Is cocoa considerd a spice?

Patti said...

As far as I'm concerned, cocoa is a spice! And a necessity! (smile!) Patti

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