Friday, July 25, 2008

Pretty Pink Popcorn

Crepe Myrtles are my very favorite tree in the whole world. And of course I love the miniature ones as well! These pretty miniatures belong to my Mom & Dad and are in their back yard. They purchased them in 1992 at Calloways Nursery. These particular ones are named "Popcorn"--the blooms are fluffy like popcorn and these beauties are varigated white and Barbie-pink. Also, some people say the way the flowers just pop out reminds them of popcorn; one day you have a bud---the next day a flower's blooming! (reminder: you can double-click photo for close-up view)


Nola said...

I love cm's, too. How tall did those miniature's get? The color is pretty, I've never seen them two toned before.

Patti said...

I checked with Mom; she said they originally grew 4 to 4-1/2 ft tall but she didn't want them that tall, so she trimmed them down from the top & now they have only come back 3 ft tall which is exactly what she wanted! Patti

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