Friday, March 18, 2011


Hope you get to look outside at the Supermoon this weekend! Apparrently, the moon is closer to the earth tomorrow than it has been in 18 years, causing it to look larger! I went outside & looked at it tonight and to me it didn't look any larger, but it was super-bright!---like a lamp that someone plugged in!---brighter than I've ever seen it! And it had a glow or aura surrounding it! My Mom is the one who phoned me to tell me about it early in the evening and that's when I went outside to see it (Thanks, Mom!). Later, when I was already ready for bed, they had the story about it on the evening news and then I wished I had taken photos of it to post because it looked so cool, but I didn't feel like getting dressed again to go outside.....but....Big D (that's my amazing husband!) immediately offered to run outside & take them (Thanks, Hon!).

So, I really hope you get to see it tomorrow night! It was amazing, even tonight! In the meantime, please enjoy these photos, courtesy of Big D!

Sweet dreams! Patti
P.S.: Click on any of the photos to enlarge. I started experimenting with enlarging my photos tonight (see first photo), but I think now I have to enlarge the width of the post or something, because now that first photo has the moon off to the side, but I guess that isn't really a bad thing after all. Anyway, I'll have to go to some of my favorite blogs, which have tutorials about how to improve your blog and read up on the how-to's!

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