Thursday, July 23, 2009


When I have the time I love driving around looking at homes. Here are some more photos while we were in Dallas. Big D took these while I did the driving. This first one is a cute shop, which was nearby. I thought the exterior was so charming with those striped canopies.

OK, so this one isn't really a "cottage" but isn't it fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed the "tour"! Patti

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Chilly Jilly: a lightweight microfiber wrap that folds up so small, you can fit it into your purse or even your evening bag. No more freezing in the air-conditioned office, theater, or restaurant....

All photos used with permission from Chilly Jilly Wraps.

This is one of those fabulous things that I wished I would have invented! I'm always getting cold in theaters and doctor's offices! And anytime I see a new idea like this, I'm always thinking "Why didn't I think of that?" Do you do that, too?

I recently read about entrepeneur Jill Boehler's creation, the Chilly Jilly Wrap, in
More Magazine (the magazine for 40+). Click here for the article, She Became a QVC Star in Two Years.

Jill was a speech pathologist. She was at a restaurant one night and was freezing in the air-conditioning. When her husband pulled out a pair of compact reading glasses to read the menu, she wished she could have just pulled a compact wrap out of her purse to keep her warm. And that idea was the beginning of the Chilly Jilly Wrap! However, the hard part was still ahead - researching to find a wrinkle-free fabric that would be soft, provide the right amount of warmth, and could be folded up to fit in a purse. She was finally inspired by the stretchy, shiny microfiber fabric of athletic biker's shorts! Then, when she got on the show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, sales really took off. The next big "break" was when she appeared on QVC and she's now been on there nine times
! Of course, all her success came with a lot of hard work, determination, and not giving up!

I just think this is such a super idea and had to share it with you!

Check out her website,; there's a listing of stores by state that carry her product.

Now, why can't I think of something like this!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Gorgeous knock-out roses!

When in Dallas recently, we took a scenic route back through the SMU area filled with all those cute cottage homes! We had so much fun just driving around on a sunny afternoon admiring these sweet homes! We had to share the fun with you with these photos that Big D snapped while I drove.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm playing along with the tag posted earlier (actually back in June) on my cousin Nola's blog, Alamo-North. (If you haven't visited her blog yet, you must---her flowers and plants are a treat for the eyes!) Here are the directions: List 6 uninteresting things that make you happy, then pass the tag along to 6 other bloggers who will link back to you.They blog their 6 items, tag 6 others and so it goes. Be sure to visit their blogs to inform them they have been tagged, if they would like to participate. As far as tagging others, I'm like Nola--- I'm just throwing it out there for anyone who would like to have fun participating in this---feel free to jump in & post your 6 things!

6 uninteresting things that make me happy...

1) Waking up to a new day full of possibilites!

2) Rummaging through the bookstore in person (Hastings or Barnes & Noble) or via the!

3) Browsing through my favorite scrapbooking store, The Crafty Scrapper, even though I don't scrapbook! (I love to use scrapbook paper for banners & other projects & they have all kinds of other awesome art supplies & classes!)

4)Browsing through a plant nursery - I love to look at the plants...and the pots & accessories!

5) Sitting down at the local Sherwin-Williams and browsing through the latest wallpaper books. I get so inspired.

6) Trying out a new recipe, when I'm not rushed, when I can really enjoy it!

And who can stop with just six.......

7) Going to a good movie at the theater (in the ice-cold air-conditioning!) or just curling up at home watching a good movie (or reading a good book) with a bag of popcorn & a large iced tea! ...especially when it's 105 degrees here in Texas!!!-----although today, it's only in the 90's---we had a cold front move in!!!

Nola had been tagged by Queenmother Mammaw , and this was the first I knew about her blog--if you haven't been by there, be sure to visit her blog (I'm so glad to have discovered it through Nola) about her beautiful family, flowers & artwork!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Have you heard of CHARMING CHARLIE? If you love bling & you live in Texas or Georgia, you've got to plan on a trip to one near you!

Everyone kept telling me about the one they just opened in Uptown Village in Cedar Hill, Texas, but I haven't had a chance to go till now. One friend had a gorgeous purse she got there with a large cross on it studded with crystals! I admired the large hoop earrings on another friend. They were encrusted with crystals! And the prices were really good!!!

Just a hint----Allow yourselves at least two hours of shopping time because you will not get out of there before then! They have an enormous amount of costume jewelry, but they also have purses, scarves, sunglasses, shoes, and even some clothing items. What's so different about this store is that it's arranged by color, making it really easy to find jewelry to match a particular outfit!

I also picked up a cute decorating idea: they displayed their rings in cocktail glasses! They were so cute! So, I did the same on my vanity at home: I put all my costume rings, including the white daisy/crystal ring I just bought at Charming Charlie's, in the glass as shown:

PS: I got the glass, which is actually nice & heavy, at Dollar Tree!
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