Sunday, July 13, 2008


vintage blue green pin, originally uploaded by pk studio.

Love vintage jewelry, especially pins!

I've been researching how to get larger photos on my blog and read that if you use Flickr, it will automatically bring it over to your blog in a larger size. So, I'm trying it here. It certainly is larger than my other photos. I noticed when you double-click on the photo, it now takes you to Flickr, which I haven't noticed on other people's blogs. (Is that good or bad?) It was very easy to do & even let me write the text in Flickr, then I went into my blog to adjust the text size/color. I noticed it put the photo name and my Flickr name under the photo. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks for any help; as you can see, I'm new to blogging! Hope everyone's been having a great weekend!


Nola said...

You'll have to walk me through how to download from Flickr! I tried unsuccessfully, and also tried to put up a counter to register how many visitors my site had, also unsuccessfully! So I just gave up on my blog and started reading other people's blogs....

patti said...

Patti here.....Hi, cousin! Last week when I tried, I couldn't do it, but today I was reading someone else's blog who used Flickr & it let me click on it & it walked me through a set-up for uploading photos, which I didn't realize I had to do when I tried last week. I'm going to walk back through the set-up process & email you with the steps....hopefully!

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