Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spice Girl!

I heart vintage spice jar sets! Above are my favorite set! Don bought me these years ago! (There's also a Cinnamon; I was trying to take a close-up & didn't realize he didn't make the photo.) These little spicy chefs hang in our kitchen.....and right below hang these vintage white and yellow ones: I've had these for so long, I don't remember where I got them, which is unusual for me! I also love pansies and these have yellow & burgundy pansies on them!


Nola said...

How neat, I never knew you collected those! (for all the readers, we are cousins, and live no more than 5 minutes apart, funny what you don't know about family!) I am learning all sorts of things reading blogs!
What strikes me as odd is the types of spices named on the jars. I wonder if that is indicative of when the jars were made? Some of those spices must have been pretty commonly used years ago for them to get their own personalized jar. Today's kitchen (at least mine) is a lot different. For instance, I hardly ever use Allspice or Ginger in my day to day cooking. If I had my pick of popular spices, I would have: salt, garlic, paprika, onion powder (is that really a spice?), chili powder, and cumin! I use pepper, but I grind it fresh directly into my food. I wonder what our spices say about our diet? I know I would like to remove salt and add something healthier (we are on blood pressure meds and diuretics). OK, maybe I'd leave cinnamon, I use it a lot for baking, and of course, cinnamon toast, one of my favorite treats.
Got off track, as I tend to do, but that's what I like about a good blog, it makes me start to think...

Brenda Kula said...

I seem to recall something that looked like these from my childhood. You know how you see something, and it sets off this vague memory. Love them.

disa said...
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