Thursday, July 14, 2011


Welcome to my Dreams and Decor Studio! I'm so excited to have you visit and I'm so thrilled to be participating again this year in the Where Bloggers Create 2011 Party hosted by the sweet and talented Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage! Come on in, look around, and make yourself comfortable. Let's start the tour, shall we?.........The pink fainting couch above is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. You can read here how we happened upon it, with it's sweet sentimental meaning to us.

We'll start the tour by going upstairs to my studio. I have a collection of wall crosses, most of which were given to me by friends and family.

Come on in! We'll go counter-clockwise around the room.

I actually never would have thought about making my own space for projects if it hadn't been for seeing the creative spaces of all of you wonderful bloggers! I'm so thankful you shared them with us! We had just been using this room as a "catch all" for extra furniture, etc. and now it serves a purpose and I feel so blessed to have a space where I can work on projects, but most of all it helps so much to have all my supplies (trim, ribbon, buttons, scrapbook paper, crepe paper, ephemera, paint, markers, etc.) together in one area!

I've made several changes since last year's tour. I love to rearrange and repurpose things. I actually just purchased "Audrey" last month at Ross. She was a "steal" for this size of canvas! I've had the old wooden sconces for what seems like forever; they were purchased at the Canton Trade Days and I had never used them together till now (I've only used one here or there by itself in the past).

I moved my chalkboard from the breakfast nook in the kitchen to the studio, when we got a mirror for that wall in the kitchen. It was made from an old, empty frame I bought and painted white.

The pillows rest on a hope chest Big D gave me when we got engaged. The filigree Texas Star is from Paul Michael's in Canton. It was such a bargain I couldn't pass it up but hadn't actually known where I would put it at the time. Atop the lawyer's bookcase is one of my birdcages. I LOVE birdcages. LOL! The dress form canvas was previously in the master bathroom, but I moved it in here a while back.

The black and white sign and the Paris pillow just arrived yesterday from Lori at Katie's Rose Cottage. Perfect timing! I ordered them to use elsewhere but they were just what I needed to finish off the studio! Thank you, Lori, for the lightning-fast delivery! I love them!

The burgundy pillow and the green pillow were pulled in from the guest room. I got the burgundy and white toile fabric to cover the seat cushion from Check It Out Fabrics in Waxahachie, Texas. I LOVE toile!

I've had this beaded window valance for a while and finally put it up in here.

I got the glass cloche from Laurie Anna's in Canton. The egg jewelry container was a birthday gift. The peacock was purchased as part of a pair at an after-Christmas clearance sale for a very small Christmas tree I plan to decorate with peacock feathers and small blue & green ornaments next Christmas.

I LOVE using old sheet music in projects.

I LOVE birds and nests.......

...and old alarm clocks!

A teapot I inherited from my grandmother Sophie (Meemaw), which my Dad brought back from Japan for her from when he was stationed there in the service years ago.

Did I mention I love birds! The white and silver ones are from Laurie Anna's. The wooden-looking ones in the cloche, which are actually resin, are from Paul Michaels.

The wire postcard holder is from Paul Michaels. The shelf above the sewing machine is from a booth in the Arbors in Canton a few years ago, which was on clearance and was actually a planter, but I turned it upside down to use as a shelf to hold some of my vintage cameras. The rest are on the shelves in the den.

Here's the ribbon rack Big D had made for me. I think he got tired of spools of ribbon everywhere around the house! LOL!

The studio is about 10' x 10' plus this extra little area here by the door. We'll head back downstairs......

I really hope you enjoyed the tour. Please drop in on the other participants and see their creative spaces at Where Creative Bloggers Create 2011 Party. Have fun! Come back soon! And may all your dreams be sweet!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm excited to be participating in Where Bloggers Create 2011 Blog Party.

A few weeks ago when I found this oversized mod "Audrey" canvas, part of which is shown in the first picture above (it's really big!), to hang above our antique fainting couch in my studio (You can read the story about how we acquired one of my favorite pieces of furniture here and what a coincidence it was), I happened to think about how blessed I am to be able to use this space in our home for creating. (It's so wonderful to be able to leave supplies and materials out while working on a project!) That led me to think about how fun the blog party was last year, getting to view so many spaces full of creativity and imagination. It was sooooo inspiring! And I started wondering when it would be time for the next one. Well, that same day, I pulled up the talented Karen Valentine's blog, My Desert Cottage, and read her post where she was announcing the 3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create Blog Party to be held on 7/15/11. I was thrilled! I've done some rearranging and made some changes since last time, so I can't wait to share my studio but most of all to get a peak into everyone else's creative spaces!

May all your dreams be sweet! Patti

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


One of my coworkers' birthday is coming up and our office will be taking her out to eat to celebrate. I found the coolest gift tags on Etsy to include with the gift we got her (she loves to travel). Look at the yellow/white quatrefoil design and the "mod" print teamed up with it!! I think my coworker will love these!

I was doing a search on Etsy for "quatrefoil" and found Anne Smith's shop, monkey doodles by munkeekid - custom invitations and paper adornments! I love paper products and she has some awesome designs of customized notecards, gift tags, party invitations and my favorite ---the luggage tags, which you can get in any of her designs! Don't those make a cute "little something extra" to add to a gift!

I love the way Anne mixes various prints together, and the fact that she has quatrefoil and chevron designs, too! Check out her uber-cute monkey gift tags HERE. She's had customers order her designs to use for basket labels for their pantries, too. What a clever idea!

I plan on ordering some notecards next, but I'm having trouble deciding which ones to get----I love them all! Thanks, Anne, for the quick service on these tags!

Have fun checking out her shop! ----Patti -------

By the way, I've blocked out my coworkers name, address and phone number on the tags in the photos, but Anne will customize them for you.....

Monday, July 4, 2011



I feel so blessed to be living in freedom and am remembering the brave men and women serving our country in the military who protect our freedom!

We started out our day with our favorite breakfast cereal, Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest, along with a generous sprinkling of fresh blueberries and strawberries----a red, white and blue breakfast to start off the Fourth of July with the right colors! (I probably should let you think I had that all planned, but it actually was a surprise---I really wasn't thinking about it being those colors when I put together breakfast this morning! Ha! Isn't it great when things just happen to come out special like that!) Check out the heart-shaped strawberry slice in the spoon. That bowl was for my sweetie, Big D! I told him I made that strawberry just for him! Hee! Hee!

I received this cute patriotic 3-D card in the mail a few days ago from my good friend, Sabrina! It decorates a shelf in the master bath. Love it! Thanks, Sabrina!
This really tall (14"!) bright blue mercury glass vase was FREE (yes, FREE!) last year from Paul Michael's in Canton, TX, right down the road from LaurieAnnas (another of my favorite must-stop shops when in Canton!) I had signed up on their mailing list and they sent me a postcard for my birthday saying there was a birthday gift waiting for me, and when I picked it up, this was this awesome vase! (You know I LOVE anything mercury glass!!!) I was a little bummed that I didn't have a room that the bright royal blue color would fit in, but then I immediately thought about saving it for patriotic decorating! I LOVE it!

Due to hot dogs being such a healthy treat (ha! ha!), I usually only fix them once a year---for the Fourth! I also baked an apple pie this weekend, so yesterday we had apple pie and hot dogs! Yum! Our all-American feast!
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