Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scenic Tyler, Texas

Went to Tyler, Texas this past Spring '08 for a little weekend get-away. The scenery was amazing! We love old homes, so of course we had to drive around and look at all the historic houses, which were so beautiful.

We had the good fortune of being there during the Azalea trails----something we had not planned--we were just pleasantly surprised!!!

The azaleas were gorgeous, but so was the other landscaping! In spite of everything else we did while in Tyler, I think we had the most fun driving around looking at the beautiful homes and yards! And I wanted to share my photos with you......


Nola said...

How pretty, of course, you know I liked the first house best (it reminded me of our Preston bungalow, just needed the screened porch on the side). The landscape shots were awesome; I loved the hedgework! I love to look at landscaping and houses, too, but My Beloved doesn't have the patience!
The big photo that comes up at the top of your blog, of the pansies, is that your garden? It is adorable!

Brenda Kula said...

I know! Aren't they something else! I drive over in the Azalea District where you were and I am just drooling. I live in a garden home on the south side of Tyler. So if you come back, send me an email and let me know and we can visit in the garden awhile.

Dreams and Decor said...

Thanks for your kind comments! Nola, I wish those pansies were mine; alas, this photo was taken also in Tyler, TX of a flower bed at a business there! Brenda, we definitely will be going back to Tyler one of these days (we had such a good time!); I would love to meet you! You are one of my blog idols! Patti

Carla said...

Nothing beats Tyler TX for the Azalea trails! Where else are hundreds of strangers INVITED to peek in most of Tyler's backyards??? I love it! Glad you were at the right place at the right time:)

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