Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm excited to be participating in Where Bloggers Create 2011 Blog Party.

A few weeks ago when I found this oversized mod "Audrey" canvas, part of which is shown in the first picture above (it's really big!), to hang above our antique fainting couch in my studio (You can read the story about how we acquired one of my favorite pieces of furniture here and what a coincidence it was), I happened to think about how blessed I am to be able to use this space in our home for creating. (It's so wonderful to be able to leave supplies and materials out while working on a project!) That led me to think about how fun the blog party was last year, getting to view so many spaces full of creativity and imagination. It was sooooo inspiring! And I started wondering when it would be time for the next one. Well, that same day, I pulled up the talented Karen Valentine's blog, My Desert Cottage, and read her post where she was announcing the 3rd Annual Where Bloggers Create Blog Party to be held on 7/15/11. I was thrilled! I've done some rearranging and made some changes since last time, so I can't wait to share my studio but most of all to get a peak into everyone else's creative spaces!

May all your dreams be sweet! Patti

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kath001 said...

Hi visitor here. My creative space is so disorganized right now that it saps all of my creative juices to step foot in there. ugh. Anyway...I popped in from Cozy Little House to tell you that I was having trouble commenting on her post as well, till I tried your suggestion and unchecked the stay-signed-in box...worked for me too. Thanks! kathleen

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