Monday, July 4, 2011



I feel so blessed to be living in freedom and am remembering the brave men and women serving our country in the military who protect our freedom!

We started out our day with our favorite breakfast cereal, Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest, along with a generous sprinkling of fresh blueberries and strawberries----a red, white and blue breakfast to start off the Fourth of July with the right colors! (I probably should let you think I had that all planned, but it actually was a surprise---I really wasn't thinking about it being those colors when I put together breakfast this morning! Ha! Isn't it great when things just happen to come out special like that!) Check out the heart-shaped strawberry slice in the spoon. That bowl was for my sweetie, Big D! I told him I made that strawberry just for him! Hee! Hee!

I received this cute patriotic 3-D card in the mail a few days ago from my good friend, Sabrina! It decorates a shelf in the master bath. Love it! Thanks, Sabrina!
This really tall (14"!) bright blue mercury glass vase was FREE (yes, FREE!) last year from Paul Michael's in Canton, TX, right down the road from LaurieAnnas (another of my favorite must-stop shops when in Canton!) I had signed up on their mailing list and they sent me a postcard for my birthday saying there was a birthday gift waiting for me, and when I picked it up, this was this awesome vase! (You know I LOVE anything mercury glass!!!) I was a little bummed that I didn't have a room that the bright royal blue color would fit in, but then I immediately thought about saving it for patriotic decorating! I LOVE it!

Due to hot dogs being such a healthy treat (ha! ha!), I usually only fix them once a year---for the Fourth! I also baked an apple pie this weekend, so yesterday we had apple pie and hot dogs! Yum! Our all-American feast!

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