Saturday, July 17, 2010


Looking at my co-worker, Angelle, you would never guess she recently turned 50, would you? We had a walker waiting for her at the restaurant--- something we figured she might now need in her "old age" (ha! ha!)---as well as lots of other gag gifts.

We all went out to Brown Street Cafe/Kolache Depot for lunch to celebrate!

Above - friend of ours at the next table. (Actually, we ran into several friends there that day! ---It was fun!)

I can't name all of the gag gifts in this post, as I have a family member (you know who you are) who reads my blog, who may be "honored" with more of the same on their 50th, which is coming up soon! (Get ready, G!...and next year 3 more milestone 50th birthdays in Big D's family and my family--- P, A, and D! Am I missing anyone? You know we'll get you!)

We had so much fun humiliating, I mean "teasing" Angelle on her milestone birthday! She was a very good sport! Happy Birthday, Angelle!

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