Thursday, January 7, 2010


Nothing beats a bowl or mug of warm soup on an icy-cold day here in Texas! (Yes, icy-cold in north-central Texas!----We're not used to this!)
My sweet sister-in-law, Annice, gave us some Southern Heat Tortilla Soup Fixins! (She gets it from a booth at her local Junior League holiday markets.) Thanks, Annice! The label says in Arlington, Texas.
You add your own chicken, some frozen corn, and I also threw in some rinsed, canned black beans........Mmmm...delicous! Counting calories, so skipped adding the crushed tortilla chips (OK, so pretend you didn't see the buttered cornbread photo below!)

Add some spicy cornbread (just used a mix plus eggs, evaporated fat-free milk, some salsa, and a little Tabasco!) for a super quick & easy meal!---the kind of meals I like!

The "butter" above was actually "Smart Balance" spread----just so you know.....
And to top it off: sliced jalapenos to accompany the soup & cornbread ----to kick it up a notch! (We always buy the extra-large jar! And we go through Tabasco sauce like crazy! What can I say?---this is Texas and we like it HOT!)

Here's lookin at you, kid!
What's your favorite soup in winter weather?
Stay warm, Patti


Nola @ the Alamo said...

I didn't know you were posting; you are on my google reader, but for some reason, it wasn't showing any new posts!
The slideshow of "Big Mama's" holiday decorations was fantastic! Next year, at the end, have them both pictured in Santa hats!
We are staying warm with a big pot of kyselica (saurkraut soup), yum!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, goodness, Patti, that looks delicious! Those snowman mugs are precious, too!

My favorite soup is split pea. I adore it!


Sheila :-)

alice said...

Boy that looks good! My fav is 4 beans and sausage. It's yummy!
Glad I found your post!
smiles, alice

clustres said...

This soup looks good. One of my favorites is "White Chili". I got the recipe from "The Dove's Nest" in Waxahachie. Not too unhealthy either. Chicken and white beans....

Kathy said...

Love your blog! My favorite soup? Homemade split pea soup!!!! Made with homemade chicken broth instead of plain water. Delious!

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