Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I'm playing along with the tag posted earlier (actually back in June) on my cousin Nola's blog, Alamo-North. (If you haven't visited her blog yet, you must---her flowers and plants are a treat for the eyes!) Here are the directions: List 6 uninteresting things that make you happy, then pass the tag along to 6 other bloggers who will link back to you.They blog their 6 items, tag 6 others and so it goes. Be sure to visit their blogs to inform them they have been tagged, if they would like to participate. As far as tagging others, I'm like Nola--- I'm just throwing it out there for anyone who would like to have fun participating in this---feel free to jump in & post your 6 things!

6 uninteresting things that make me happy...

1) Waking up to a new day full of possibilites!

2) Rummaging through the bookstore in person (Hastings or Barnes & Noble) or via the internet--Amazon.com!

3) Browsing through my favorite scrapbooking store, The Crafty Scrapper, even though I don't scrapbook! (I love to use scrapbook paper for banners & other projects & they have all kinds of other awesome art supplies & classes!)

4)Browsing through a plant nursery - I love to look at the plants...and the pots & accessories!

5) Sitting down at the local Sherwin-Williams and browsing through the latest wallpaper books. I get so inspired.

6) Trying out a new recipe, when I'm not rushed, when I can really enjoy it!

And who can stop with just six.......

7) Going to a good movie at the theater (in the ice-cold air-conditioning!) or just curling up at home watching a good movie (or reading a good book) with a bag of popcorn & a large iced tea! ...especially when it's 105 degrees here in Texas!!!-----although today, it's only in the 90's---we had a cold front move in!!!

Nola had been tagged by Queenmother Mammaw , and this was the first I knew about her blog--if you haven't been by there, be sure to visit her blog (I'm so glad to have discovered it through Nola) about her beautiful family, flowers & artwork!


Anonymous said...

Wow do you ever have a bright colorful blog. I will be glad when I learn how to get to all those things. Yes I wanted to blog with Texans since my dear son works in Austin and lives just outside Austin. He love being able to grow veggies and have flowers most of the year. Thanks for dropping by. I'll be back. Blessings

Mary said...

Love your blog - all those beautiful flowers! Isn't God good to us to give us such beauty? I especially like the picture of the horse in the field of lavender flowers - absolutely breathtaking!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Patti,
Thanks for stopping by today! I enjoyed getting to know you by reading these 6 things!

Jeanneoli said...

Great list!!!

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