Saturday, July 14, 2012


My Desert Cottage's Where Bloggers Create Party
 (Click on above icon to go to Karen's blog, where you will see a list of participants on her sidebar. You can then click each one to visit all the other studios on the tour. Have fun!) 

Welcome! Welcome! Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage has blessed us again with her annual Where Bloggers Create Party! I have so much fun looking through everyone's studios not just that week or the week after that, but I continue to look through them ever so often all year long! You all are so creative! I draw so much inspiration from everyone's talent and amazing ideas for awesome home decor and efficient storage of art supplies!

Well, there have only been a few changes since last year's tour (to see the 2011 tour, click here), although I did get another subway sign shown above from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. My old  chalkboard in the huge oval chippy white frame fell apart, so I hung the sign in it's place. I love its creative message!

Still have part of my vintage camera collection displayed above the sewing machine.

Even though this is a small room, I do have quite a lot of storage, under the little table where I do my crafting, in the hope chest under the window with pillows on top, and in the closet which I'm so fortunate to have ---it holds bins and baskets of supplies. I also constantly use the ribbon rack Big D built for me a few years ago, which hangs on the wall in here. You can never have too much storage! 

Still have my Audrey "Pop" art canvas above my vintage Eastlake fainting couch. 

Still love birds and bird cages! (I've got them throughout our home.)

I got the cherry blossom wreath on clearance at Target. Can you tell I'm a little partial to pink?  

One other thing I added this year is the clock. I tend to get in the "zone" when crafting, and who knows where time goes! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! So, it has come in handy!

As you head back downstairs, I have a couple of new additions to my wall of crosses, which I love because they symbolize my faith. All the crosses have been gifts to me from lovely friends or dear family members!

My husband has a new addition to our collections, his beautiful wall clock, which you can see at the foot of the stairs. He found it on one of our trips to First Monday Trade Days in Canton, here in Texas a couple of months ago. I was really excited for him.

The little piece of furniture at the bottom of the stairs is an antique smoking stand. I put a little basket on top to cover up the hole, so I could set a vintage ice bucket on top with flowers, and there's a little "dream" glittery sign hanging on the knob of the smoking stand's little door. It's another little storage place, where I stash art supplies, mostly more ribbon! What can I say?---I LOVE the ribbon!

Well, it's already midnight, so I had better get this posted! Thank you so much for visiting, and I can't wait to visit each of your studios! Thank you, Karen, for letting me be part of such a special event again this year!

Sweet dreams! Patti

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Lantana in my parent's backyard

In honor of Father's Day and my Mom's birthday, both today, I'm posting photos I've taken today in Mom & Dad's backyard. 

Even though we've already been sizzling in the 90's here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, their yard looks beautiful, thanks to Dad's constant care! (Check out those lime-green sweet potato vines above!)

The Crepe Myrtles here in our area started blooming profusely in the past week or so, and Mom & Dad's yard has an entire row of those gorgeous blooms lining one fence!

I love all the heat-tolerant flowers Dad has planted----two kinds of Lantana (see first photo in this post)- the orange and red ones, and the pink and yellow, the latter of which I remember as a huge flowering bush under my bedroom window in the house I grew up in---and some beautiful light pink Verbena (I had never seen Verbena in light pink till I saw theirs---see below)!  

Mom said she heard these particular light pink ones were developed by Texas A & M; since we're not too far from them, our nurseries carry a lot of the new varieties of flowers developed by them.

Dad planted a Magnolia tree this year. Above is a gorgeous bud that just started opening. Once open, my parents enjoy the wonderful lemony-scent indoors by floating the blooms in a decorative bowl.

I'm really proud of my parents' beautiful yard! Dad has such a talent for it! And I'm excited that they have a wonderful place to relax and unwind at the end of the day!

Wishing all the Dads a Happy Father's Day!
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